LIGHTERS/LIGHTER REFILLS: Locate Vector Lighter Dealers/Locate Dealers with Lighter Butane Gas Refills

STOVES: Locate Dealers with Stove & Stove Butane Gas Cartridiges

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Where to find Vector Butane Gas Refills?

Replacements for Vector Lighter Butane Gas Refills
(Item # REFILL-13) are available at any of the 350+ Williams-Sonoma locations nationwide.

Click on the following link for the nearest store:

Williams Sonoma does not carry theVector butane gas refill on its website, however most Williams-Sonoma stores stock Vector butane gas refills. 
Please contact the stores directly for availability.

For Vector Stove Butane Gas Refills
(Item # REFILL-8) use the following link:
Store locator for Stove Butane Gas Refills